What do I do if I need a painting shipped?

Shipping paintings can be expensive; so in order to save our customers money we try to have them pick up the paintings themselves if possible. If picking up a painting is not possible, please go to the Contact Me page and let us know which painting you want and we can calculate what that shipping will cost you. All prints and smaller pieces have free shipping.

What can I do if a painting I want is sold?

If a certain painting you were interested in has been sold, reach out through the Contact Me page and I can create you your own painting with the same subject and you can choose the colors and dimensions that work perfect for you.

What if I want a custom painting?

If you have a special painting in mind, reach out through the Contact Me page to explain your idea and we can get to work collaborating on your dream piece.

What if I want prints of painting?

If there is a certain painting that you like but your budget doesn’t have room for an original, reach out through the Contact Me page and I can let you know which paintings are in the works to be made into prints and when they will be available.